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Updated December 24, 2014

The Moon Unit Launching Pod! 

Space Station Tik Tok - The Moon-Unit.

Walter Aurora Basha-Fritz

Captain Walter Aurora Basha-Fritz!



What a crew we have on Space Station Moon-Unit Catronauts,
on rotation duty don't ya know!


Sgt Packy Eisenheim - Security Chief in Training

Just back from extensive training on the Desert Planet :

Sgt Packy Eisenheim who needs a new page but here is a grand pic of him.


Next, our new Scrounger: Corporal DiNozzo

New recruits

Amy Pond



River Song
Mom Penny and three of The PenWheels


And down below, you will find most of the Launch Pad Links to the
Space Station Moon-Unit!

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If you have free roaming pets, please read my poem:
"We Buried Your Cat Today"


Our Memorial to
Captain Tik Tok McDougle
June 16, 1999

 How'd Those Kitties Get
Their Names?

 My Dog
Belle Starr - Her Story

 Renato's Resume

Almost True!
Huey Up A Tree
Picture too!
 Three Sweet Babies
And Pancakes' Story!

Saved by an Angel

The True Story of Gypsy Saving My Life

My Angel, Gypsy!

Gypsy pic!

Tik Tok's Easy Recipes

 Links to Wonderfully
Fun Sites!

Updated and Divided into two parts!
New Movies and TV links!

Links to Favorite Cat Sites

Kitties will Love These!
Updated March 21, 2004

Snake Wars!

True! Exciting! Gilly and I and courage galore!

 A Victorian Cat Tale

An original Christmas Story by Trish

 Tik Tok's Diner

She may be gone -
but the Diner is Open!

 Tis the Season!

Christmas Images for your web site


Awards with which this site
has been honored!

Aero Ballistic Commander
Zola Lou Reinhart

Our Christmas Pages

Sydney's Christmas Poem

RazMaTaz and Breezie Boyardee...

Their Mamma Morgana's story too,
(separate pages)

Trixie Belle

sis to Raz and Breezie.

Da Mom Nibblets MacSwain

La Montaña MacPuddin' of the Clan MacPuddin'

Updated June 24, 2011

The Gabor Boys:

Toast! Hillary and
ZsaZsa Gabor!

And the Gabor Queenmother:Frick

.The Legend of
St. Patrick and His Cat

Sydney St. Sinclair!

The Alien Star Puppy!
Walter Basha-Fritz!
Clubs we belong to!

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Bunny Mingo


Since nothing ever really dies, the memories and spirits of former Space Station Catronauts are told as well
- Sweet Pancake, Jimi Pam Salome Where She Danced, Dakota (Flash) Maurice and
Huey, the Original Catronaut, as well as our precious Tik Tok.

In 2002 we lost three dear and precious cats: Zola Lou, RazMaTaz Boyaredee
and Cadet Anuksumanan Gabor.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004. Sgt. Bob Don't - Piper/Expert Paw to Paw Combat, Ret.
journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge to pipe all incoming.

February 21, 2005
Lt. Commander Gypsy MacPherson - Chaplain and All Around Love Bug;
Went to the Rainbow Bridge, after a 16 month battle with
Chronic Renal Failure and hyperthyroidism.
God speed my Pooter Girl.

In Loving Memory of dear Grand Nabob Sydney...retiring to the Rainbow Bridge after
years of service, on December 22, 2006

Lt Comm. La Montaña MacPuddin' of the Clan MacPuddin'
June 24, 2011

Lt. Trixie Belle Consuella O'Garcia - July 6, 2014

Lt. Mr. Breezie - Pilot - May 2019

Crew that has passed on:

Sgt. Toast! - Cpt. ZsaZsa - Cpt. Hillary !

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