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We Buried Your Cat Today
~ Trish aka Tik Tok~

We had to bury your cat today.
Did you know he was gone?
Away from his home?
Will you shrug and say, "I'll get another"?
We cried over him as we buried your cat today.

He was so precious, gray, white and black,
With a tail as full and as gay.
You'd fed him well, treated him right, so why,
Did I have to bury him today?

But you let him out, to roam and be lost,
And he had no chance on our street.
Whatever hit him snapped him in two,
We buried your cat today.

Are you calling right now?
Searching and hunting?
Or will you just shrug it off and say,
"There's plenty of cats, we'll just get another."
Will we bury it too another day?

An incredible consequence to think on, if you have free roaming pets. I did write this - just a hour after we buried this cat. It is posted on many internet sites, but I am the author. If you wish to copy it for your site, please do. But please do credit me as its author.
"We Buried Your Cat Today"
Copyrighted 1999 - 2003 P.H. Blassingame
All rights reserved


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